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The communication strategy, will serve to guide the communication activities of LEAP-Agri, as well as to provide guidelines for the communications activities undertaken by the projects funded by the joint call. The strategy will relate to the stakeholder analyses for identifying stakeholder groups relevant for the project, including relevant partners and potential users of the research and innovation outcomes, in order to support tailored communications to these various groups. In addition, a strategy for communication between the selected projects will be developed.

Tools to be developed and used during project implementation include internet-based tools to exchange and disseminate information, including the establishment of a website for the joint call, a communication toolkit for project partners and funded project, communication materials for distribution, such as posters, flyers, brochures, regular newsletters, and if possible videos on the projects funded by the joint call, and briefs and materials for matchmaking events for stakeholders.

The communication activities of LEAP-Agri will enhance the impact by:

  • Ensuring timely and effective communication and dissemination to LEAP-Agri partners and external stakeholders;
  • Supporting knowledge sharing and research uptake between projects funded under the joint call and with external stakeholders, including end-users;
  • Identifying potential synergies and, wherever possible, future collaborations with other projects or programmes (beyond the projects funded under the joint call);
  • Supporting the networking between and by projects funded by the joint call.