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LEAP-Agri Call for proposals (Watch the webinar for the LEAP-Agri - Call)

About LEAP-Agri

LEAP-Agri is a partnership between 30 partners including 24 funding organisations from nine African countries (i.e. Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda), nine European countries (i.e. Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Nederland, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Turkey) and an international organization (i.e. CIHEAM-IAMB based in Italy). This partnership operates under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, and its EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue on science, technology and innovation, which includes the implementation of the jointly funded EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership focusing on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (endorsed by the EU-Africa Summit 2014).


LEAP-Agri Call for proposals

The LEAP-Agri partnership, as an ERA-NET co-fund financed by institutes and ministries from the above-mentioned countries with additional finances from the European Commission, aims to support joint research and innovation projects in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture. The total contribution from the partnering African and European countries is € 18.5 million, and taking into account the expected EC contribution, an overall total of € 27.6 million has been earmarked for this joint call. Projects can apply for a total budget between € 300 000 and € 1.5 million. The submission of preliminary proposals was possible before 15 June 2017. The following Call for Full Proposals is open from 15 September to 7 December 2017.


Foci of the Call

Applications should be submitted within the following three main topics of LEAP-Agri:

1.     Sustainable agricultural production intensification, in relation with social, economic and environmental aspects, including aquaculture;

2.     Population nutrition and health in relation with agriculture and food systems;

3.     Access to food, expansion and improvement of agricultural markets and trade, including local and territorial dynamics.

For further information on this call please click here for the call, including guidelines for submission.


Application Procedure for Full Proposals

This Call for Full Proposals invites consortia composed of at least four partners from four of the partner countries (two African and two European) who successfully completed the preliminary proposal stage to submit project proposals for research and innovation within the above-mentioned topics. Requirements may differ between institutes/countries (click here to see the Individual Eligibility Criteria and Funding Regulations per partnering institute/country). Projects will be supported for a maximum period of 3 years.


This call follows a two-step approach. The first step (preliminary proposal stage) has already been finalized. This announcement is for the submission of full proposals. In this step, approved consortia are hereby invited to complete and submit full proposals to be evaluated by external peer reviewers. Based on the application, external reviews and a rebuttal to those by the consortia, a ranking list will be established by the International Review Panel. Available funds will be disbursed to the highest ranked projects. Each consortium partner will get funding from its country funding agency and in some cases from other Funding Agencies depending on the eligibility criteria indicated by each LEAP-Agri Funding Agency. To submit a Full Proposal (for project consortia who successfully completed the Preliminary Proposal Stage only) please click here. For Frequently Asked Question please click here.