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All 27 projects participate to the KoM with an averageof 3 representatives per project. 22 (on 24) funding agencies had representatives at the KoM.
Three representatives from the EC (DG Research, DG Devco, DG Agri) join the meeting. These two days have been very productive and they create a real LEAP-Agri spirit.
The KoM ended as expected with the building of an “FNSSA Funders and Research Alliance”. All 27 projects had the opportunity to present their project, combining a pitch presentation, a poster session and an information note.
A “LEAP-Agri project booklet” with all 27 projects presentation was distributed to participants.
Discussion between projects teams and their funding agencies contribute to facilitate interaction and to solve as needed ongoing questions.
Networking sessions were organized in clusters group in order to share concerns within projects and to create research teams’ networks.
Some projects take the opportunity of this KoM to organize internal projects meetings.
Large emphasis was given to the projects Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) () with specific attention to the impact components. Having long-term impact on EU AU FNSSA, beyond short term projects outcomes and outputs, is key to LEAP-Agri and is a real concern for all funding agencies and for EC representatives. Various presentations related to the EU AU FNSSA and LEAP-Agri global context have been given by EC representatives (HLPD FNSSA, H2020, DESIRA), and by related projects coordinators (FACCE/Belmont/LEAP-Agri proposal; CSA support to HLPD; PRE-LEAP-RE). This allow the 27 projects representative to understand they are part of this more global context, and that they are contributing to add brick to the FNSSA house.
CIHEAM organized the meeting in its Bari Center, with a very efficient and warm spirit.
This contribute largely to the success of this LEAP-Agri projects KoM. All presentations given during the KoM including projects information are on the LEAP-Agri web site