12 fellowships available to attend Summer Course IPBO 2020 Modern Breeding Techniques for Maize improvement. June 22nd – July 10th 2020. IPBO, Ghent, Belgium

From June 22nd until July 10th 2020, VIB – IPBO organizes, together with Ghent University, the course “Modern breeding techniques for Maize improvement”.

The course “Modern breeding techniques of maize” will cover the different challenges faced in maize cultivation and the latest scientific developments and tools to accelerate maize breeding (both conventional breeding and biotechnological techniques). The program will start with fundamental background sessions on maize breeding, the use of molecular markers in plant breeding, plant biotechnology, genetic transformation and new breeding techniques for maize. Experts from Europe and Africa will give an overview of biotic and abiotic stresses affecting the growth of maize and possible solutions to overcome these threats. In these sessions, special emphasis will be given on the effects of fungal contamination, drought and soil fertility on the growth and yield of maize.

In addition, the course will provide a comprehensive view and the latest essential insights on the regulatory frameworks and environmental risk assessment principles in Africa and Europe. The course will alternate theory and exercises for the understanding of the basic principles and methodologies of crop safety and risk assessment.

The sessions will be interactive, including group work, presentations and discussions. The program will also propose visits to a field trial and possibly a two day workshop on maize transformation.

At least 12 fellowships to attend the course will be awarded to candidates from developing countries, to obtain more information or to apply, please follow the link below.

Eligibility criteria : http://ipbo.vib-ugent.be/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Eligibility-criteria-VLIR-UOS-scholarship.pdf

Application form scholarship: http://ipbo.vib-ugent.be/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Application-form-scholarship-maize-course-2020.docx

Deadline application scholarship February 14th 2020

Registration form without scholarship

Registration fee for participants without scholarship : 500 €.

Deadline registration with fee March 31st 2020

Organizing Commitee

Prof. Dr. Godelieve Gheysen (Chairman, UGent, IPBO, Belgium)

Dr. Hilde Nelissen (VIB-UGent PSB, Belgium)

Dr. Marc Heijde (IPBO, VIB-UGent, Belgium)

Please send your application/registration to ipbo@vib-ugent.be